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What people are saying about the book…

Battenfield-lecture4The Artist’s Guide reminds us that no one is coming to save us-that we must instead carefully plan for a successful, sustainable art career and overcome the doubts and fears that have the potential to derail us. Click here to read the full interview.
– Amber Hawk Swanson, interview with the author, NYFA Current

A readable, realistic, and practical field guide to professional success in the visual arts, Battenfield’s book puts first things first…A wealth of reproduced art and profiles of artists complete this inspiring, useful, and given the rise in do-it-yourself careers, timely resource. Click here to read the full review.
– Whitney Scott, Booklist, June 2009

In smooth narrative forms, Battenfield highlights mechanisms for moving work beyond the frames of spare time into the world of business. In this regard, she uses good humor and witty inside discourse to organize a mountain of material relevant to today’s market. Click here to read the full review.
–  J. Edward Sumerau, METRO SPIRIT, Issue #21.01 : 07/29/2009 – 08/04/2009

This book could become the new life bible for all the struggling creative types in Brooklyn–and everywhere for that matter. Click here to read the full article.
– Tim Donnelly, Brokelyn, 7/31/2009

The guide offers many lessons that most artists never even heard of in an arts program… Click here to watch a video of the interview.
– Trong Nuygen’s video interview with Jackie on Art21

First, a word of warning. Do not purchase this book if you’re found of making excuses for why you aren’t a successful artist, because once you read it, you will have no excuses left. Battenfield covers everything from examining your own hopes and fears to writing an artist statement to finding a place to show to securing fund…345 pages of pure career-coaching gold…this book is one I will turn to again and again… Click here to read the full review.
– Annie Bissett, Woodblock Dreams

Battenfield writes in a professional and yet easy manner and provides invaluable information, inspiration and resources on making a successful career in the art world…This book should be on every artist’s desk! Click here to read the full review.
– Lisa Mikulski, MYARTSPACE

This book explains the art world…and offers clear and useful steps to setting goals and achieving them-information that until recently most artist never learned in art school…this is one well-timed and well-written book. Jackie gives you…business information, marketing advice and encouragement for a 21st century approach to your career. Click here to read the full review.
– Joanne Mattera Art Blog, Marketing Mondays

Battenfield shares her success stories but also discloses her professional foibles, which creates a sense of ‘we are all in this together.’ … Battenfield really knows her target audience. Click here to read the full review.
– Heather Saunders, Artist in Transi

Jacke-website-lecture-imageA few hours with this beautifully organized book and no artist can claim to be mystified by areas of common concern like grant writing, taxes, copyright protection, visual documentation, gallery practices, artists’ statements…and the list goes on. Her seminars and classes are universally acclaimed and now, with this book, artists can access her expertise directly. Knowledge is power!
– Gregory Amenoff, Painter, Chair, Visual Arts Division, Columbia University

With The Artist’s Guide, Jackie has summarized her wealth of experience as a gallery director, as a curator, and, most importantly, as an artist herself (she knows of what she preaches) into a concise, practical, and immensely readable guide. Sprinkled with some of the most insightful quotes from art world insiders you’ll ever find in one volume, this helpfully organized advice will be like manna from heaven for artists living anywhere or at any stage of their careers.
– Edward Winkleman, Owner / Director, Winkleman Gallery

This book provides information I wish I had when I was just getting out of art school. I now have 20 years more experience and yet I found that this book still had a lot to offer – from insights on negotiations with partners to new thoughts on archiving my work.
– Dread Scott, Artist

Every artist has a way of thinking about business that is as original and eccentric as the way they make art. The Artist’s Guide offers a chance to compare different strategies and observations from some of the best artists working today.
– Tom Otterness, Artist

Jackie Battenfield has written a highly personal and comprehensive book that all visual artists can well utilize in their efforts to enhance their careers. A must read!
– Charles C. Bergman, Chairman & CEO, The Pollock Krasner Foundation

Jackie Battenfield has been a mainstay of Creative Capital’s Professional Development Program since its inception, and has helped thousands of artists succeed in promoting and supporting their work. Her warmth and wisdom shine through in this invaluable resource.
– Ruby Lerner, President, Creative Capital